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Why Choose Lincoln Group As Your Custom Clearing Agents In Karachi?

Lincoln group is one of the best-authorized custom clearing agents in Karachi. We look forward to providing the best services in town. As a Custom clearing service provider in Karachi, we take responsibility for your cargo, imports, and exports.

Our skilled workforce at Lincoln group make sure to handle all your documents preparation and submission and act as the client’s representative during customs assessment, examination, and while the cargo is being delivered from customs.

In order to export or import your goods, we can help you go through the necessary documents for customs clearance. Customs clearance is critical to your cargo’s smooth international shipping. We at Lincoln group make the process much easier and smoother.
What We Offer:

  • Clearance of customs at all customs points across the country, including those at airports, EPZs, SEZs, and free zones in Pakistan.
  • Customs clearances of project consignments, including prior/immediate release.
  • Clearance in accordance with concessionary SROs and regimes, such as PTAs, FTAs, and bilateral and international trade agreements.
  • Clearance services and consulting related to CPEC.
  • Customs clearance under the temporary-import regime.
  • Advisory/Consultation services on tariff classifications, concessionary notifications, and customs valuation.
  • Advisory/consulting services, document preparation, and import/export restrictions.
  • Customs clearance of diplomatic cargo or grant in aid cargo.
  • Difficulties with post-clearance, IOCO, audit-related concerns, etc.
  • Representation in issues involving imports and exports of goods,

The Best Custom Clearance Services

We at Lincoln group ensure that we give you the full range of services where we serve you as your designated Cargo Clearing Agency.

For any further queries, Product duty structure information, you can get in touch.

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